Step-by-step Christmas Centrepiece

Gorgeous red roses help make a truly festive centrepiece for your Christmas table.  Follow the easy step-by-step instructions to have the satisfaction of making your own, or if you simply don’t have the time just ask me instead!  (Orders for Christmas arrangements taken up to 18 December on 07852 100982 or – other designs and colours available)

Red roses and candle Christmas arrangement

Materials for making Christmas arrangement

1.      Gather together all the materials and accessories you will need to make your design: hurricane lamp and candle; pre-formed floral foam ring wide enough to encircle the lamp; something to stand the design on (I usually use a circular mirror a little larger than the foam ring, but a flat plate would do); festive ribbon, trimmings and any other seasonal accessories that take your fancy!


Flowers for Christmas arrangement

2.      Prepare your fresh materials by re-cutting stems, removing any lower leaves and placing in a solution of water and flower food for at least 24 hours before making the design (roses and hydrangeas in particular like a good drink in deep water).  Fresh materials used in this design include: 3 large hydrangea heads; 10 roses; several stems of spray carnations; 5 stems of hypericum; a mix of foliage, such as eucalyptus, viburnum, pittosporum.


Step 1 of Christmas arrangement

3.      Thoroughly soak the foam ring and place on plate/mirror with hurricane lamp in centre (adding flower food to the water used for soaking will help your flowers last longer).  I like to work on a turntable as it helps to keep the design balanced, but if this is not possible remember to turn it frequently whilst working.


Step 2 of Christmas design

4.      Begin by placing short pieces of foliage of a similar length all around the foam ring, ensuring that those towards the base tend to point downwards, while those higher up point up and out.  Working in clusters of the same sort of foliage will have a more natural effect.  Don’t use too much foliage though, or you will find it difficult to insert your flowers.


Step 3 of Christmas design

5.      Cut the hydrangea heads into smaller pieces and insert into the foam in 5 clusters spaced around the ring (for a circular design you can work in 3,5 or 6 distinct groups – don’t go for 4 or your design will tend to look square!)


Step 4 of Christmas design

6.      In the areas between each cluster of hydrangeas insert 2 rose heads into the foam, making sure you give the stems a good clean cut as this will help them to take up water from the foam.  Make sure that the lower roses tend to face downwards and that the higher ones face up and out.


Step 5 of Christmas design

7.      Add the spray carnations, placing them evenly around the foam ring to carry the red colour through the design.  Then add clusters of the hypericum berries to help lift the design by adding shine and variety of texture.


Red roses and candle Christmas arrangement

8.      Place the candle in the lamp and surround with decorative beads and gold stars for a real Christmassy feel.  And for the finishing festive touch, add gold ribbon bows (these are easier to insert in the foam if they put on wires).

To make sure you get maximum life from your flowers don’t forget to water regularly.

Enjoy!.....and have a Happy Christmas!