Think Colour....

I talk to lots of brides and know that choosing wedding flowers can be a bit of a worry.  Many people don’t know much about flowers and the choice of varieties and colours can seem bewildering.  So don’t worry if the only flowers you can name are roses and gerberas, we florists are here to help!

Start by thinking about the colours you like and whether you want a definite colour scheme to run through your day.  Simple one or two colour schemes can look fantastic and help to give a co-ordinated feel – take a look at the examples below.  This kind of scheme can seem easier to put together too as it limits the choices you have to make, but do speak to a florist at an early stage in your planning as some colours can be difficult to obtain in suitable flowers and at different times of year.

All white flower designs

Simple all-white schemes can be simply stunning!

Pink & white wedding flowers

Or try shades of pink with white

Royal blue & white

Royal blue & white is very popular at the moment

Raspberry pink & white wedding flowers

For a new take on red & white, try deep raspberry pink instead

Or trying playing around with different shades of one favourite colour – pinks are good for this as there are so many different shades available in a huge variety of flowers.  There are bound to be flowers that you like amongst them all!

Soft pink and lilac flowers

Shades of soft pink & lilac in a mix of gorgeous flowers

Dusky pink flower designs

Or try a blend of dusky pinks with ivory

But if you prefer a wider range of colours don’t be afraid to experiment.  Whether you choose bright rainbow colours or softer muted pastel shades, I’m a firm believer that most colours can work together when the right flowers are chosen – after all look what happens when nature is left in charge of the paintbrush!  Luckily foliage, in either green or grey shades, goes with everything and helps set off other colours, so remember to include this in your designs too.

Choosing colours that are close together on the colour wheel gives a harmonious effect – think of the order of colours in the rainbow.  So blues and purples work well together for a softer cool look, or reds and oranges for a more vibrant hot mix.  For a more subtle use of colour pick the pastel shades of the colours you love.

Lilac & blue flower designs

Soft lilac and blue flowers with a real touch of spring

Hot orange and red wedding scheme

Be bold and choose hot orange and red colours - the results could be stunning!

And don’t be afraid to pick colours that will contrast with each other – the effect can be soft and subtle, or bold and vibrant, given the mix and intensity of the colours you choose.

Peachs & cream with cappuccino

Gorgeous peaches & cream colours contrast beautifully with the cappuccino roses, which were chosen to match the bridesmaids' dresses

Rainbow bright wedding flowers

....and for the bride who loves bright colours, I would say go for it!

Colour can make your scheme something really special, so keep looking in magazines and on websites for colours that really stand out to you and don’t forget to show these to your florist – people describe colours in very different ways so it really helps to see pictures of what you like.

And if it helps to see what other people have done take a peek at my website galleries, where you can sort all the images into colour ranges!