Think Style....

So you’ve had a good think about the colours you would like to include in your wedding flowers and whether these will compliment or contrast with other features, such as the bridesmaid dresses, venue decorations etc. (Not sure yet? Take a peek at ‘Think Colour’).

But where do you go from here….. It’s a good idea to look at lots of pictures of different flower designs to get a feel for the sort of style you prefer – wedding magazines are a good place to start and florists’ websites will also show you some fabulous designs. I share lots of pictures on my website too, so do take a look in my galleries. I find that brides generally have a strong preference for a particular floristry style and this will show most clearly in the sort of bouquets they like – which style appeals to you most?

Compact rose bouquet


This compact style is used to group flowers of a similar size together to give a neat ‘massed’ effect. Great if you prefer a uniform finish, such as a rose dome, but you don’t need to limit yourself to flowers of the same colour or even the same variety. To get this sort of effect use minimal foliage, perhaps just adding a collar of leaves to give a nice finish and to protect the stems.

Fluffy white bridal bouquet

The same compact, massed style has been used to create this neat, round ‘fluffy’ white bouquet, which has been a real hit with my brides. This one is made with white carnations and ranunculus, much more economical than roses!

White bouquet with roses and lisianthus

But you can also add texture and foliage to a compact style bouquet to give greater interest and a softer, more natural look. This pretty bouquet uses white lisianthus as well as ivory roses, with some of the buds kept in to provide contrast.

Pink peonies bouquet

Taking this a step further this compact bouquet has a much wider range of materials, colours and sprigs of foliage, yet still keeps the same rounded shape and massed effect. To create this bouquet, hydrangeas, peonies, roses and freesias in soft dusky shades of pink and lilac have been grouped together.

Compact table centre

The compact style also makes great table centres. This pretty one has been made in a block of floral foam covered in leaves to make it suitable for giving away as a gift, but a similar neat style can easily be adapted to your favourite choice of container.

Bright coloured bouquet

Other brides will prefer a looser, more natural style of floristry with a mix of flowers and foliage tied together to give more of a ‘just picked’ look. I usually describe this style as having ‘spriggy’ bits, but that just means that materials of different shapes are included, such as pointed veronicas or the soft spires of stocks. Different materials and colours can be combined to give a very different look – just let your imagination run riot!

Country style bouquet

This natural style of floristry is often used where brides want to achieve a ‘country’ look. This pretty cream and blue bouquet features lots of country style flowers in different shapes and with different textures and uses sprigs of herbs as well as plenty of foliage.

Country style table centres

Simple hand tied bunches of pretty flowers make great table centres too – the trick is to pick flowers in different shapes and to choose a blend of colours to work with your theme. Jugs work well with this natural style, but decorated jam jars are cost effective and look great too!

Contemporary bouquet of calla lilies

But if you are looking for something with a more contemporary feel, a few stems of some statement flowers can look very elegant. For this sort of style you need to keep materials to a minimum and make the most of the shape of your key flowers – calla lilies are great for this and their flexible stems allow your florist to shape them into stunning bouquets and table arrangements.

Stylish table centrepiece

The fabulous colour and simple shape of these calla lilies lend themselves to creating a tall table centrepiece with real wow factor.

Contemporary amaryllis table centre

Or, if you want to use favourite flowers, such as these gorgeous amaryllis, in a modern and creative way, ask your florist to design something innovative using the shape and natural form of your favourite flowers to create unique and beautiful designs.

I hope this gives you a few ideas on different styles, but don’t forget that if you would like to discuss your wedding flowers further you can always come and see me for a chat – just contact me at