Flowers for your bridesmaids?

Although it’s not essential for your bridesmaids to carry flowers at your wedding, it is a lovely way of using flowers to pull your theme and colour scheme together. The colour of your bridesmaids’ dresses will often be a key part of your colour scheme anyway, and you can choose flowers to complement or contrast with them depending on the effect you want to achieve. I usually suggest using some of the same flowers as in the bridal bouquet too so that your flower designs all look good together.

If your bridesmaids are carrying flowers it gives them something to do with their hands which looks quite natural, particularly when you are all being photographed (just think of a football team photo and you’ll know what I mean!), and it will be so lovely to see lots of gorgeous flowers in your wedding photos. And if they take care to put them in water they should be able to enjoy them for several days after the wedding.

So here are a few ideas for some very special flowers for your bridesmaids:

Blue & lavender spring bridesmaid flowers

These gorgeous spring flower posies have been chosen to work with the bride’s white and lavender blue colour scheme. A fabulous mix of scented spring & summer flowers that worked beautifully with the bridesmaids’ lavender blue dresses.

Bride with her flower girls

The same mix of flowers and colours were used for the bride’s bouquet and the flower girl flowers – don’t they look lovely!

Pink peony and gypsophila wedding flowers

This bride chose a mix of soft pastel colours for her own bouquet as well as the bridesmaid posies, which complemented the stronger violet dresses very well. Beautiful pale pink Sarah Bernhard peonies and dainty gypsophila were included through all the flower designs, creating a romantic vintage feel.

Bridesmaid flowers in blue and red

You can see from these photos how the colours used in the bridesmaid posies can pick up the colour of their dresses to create a co-ordinated look. Some colours can be more challenging than others but there are usually flowers  or other materials to be found that will work – take a look at those fabulous shiny, dark red hypericum berries to see what I mean!

Bridesmaid posies in bright colours

Don’t be afraid to use strong colours if that suits your style and bubbly personality – the results can be truly stunning!

Pink and cream bridesmaid flowers

Style is just as important as colour when it comes to choosing flowers for your bridesmaids. In this image you can see how different styles can be created even when similar colours and flowers are used – the posy on the left has a natural, country garden look, with what I always refer to as ‘spriggy bits’, whereas the one on the right is a far more compact style. Both these posies include roses, gerberas and gypsophila, but with feathery astilbe added to the design on the left to create this looser look. It’s a good idea to make the posies in a style that works well with your bouquet too, although you don’t need to choose the same shape – round posies will look just fine alongside a shower bouquet provided the colours and flowers are complementary.

White gypsophila bridesmaid flowers

Certain flowers lend themselves to certain treatments and gypsophila is a good example of this. It looks spectacular in simple massed bunches – just right for the bridesmaids or the little flower girls.

The more usual white variety is called ‘Million Stars’ for a reason (although you might know it as Baby’s Breath too!). But if you want to add a little colour to your designs, how about this gorgeous dusky lilac variety…

Bridesmaids carrying pink gypsophila posies

Gerbera bridesmaid posies

Gerberas used on their own create posies with a fun modern look, which you can easily accessorise to add a personal touch. But you can always mix them with other flowers too.

Dusky pink vintage style bridesmaid flowers

And to see just how versatile flowers can be, contrast the gerbera posies with these gorgeous vintage style flowers! It’s all about the flowers and colours that you choose – for this sort of look pick lots of flowers in dusky pastel shades and add flowers to give variety of texture.

These are just a few ideas to get you started, but there are so many different combinations of flowers and colours that you could try to make your bridesmaid flowers truly memorable. And if you want to see some further designs, do take a look at the galleries on my website – I am constantly updating them to showcase my most recent work.

If it's all too bewildering and you would like a little help, just get in touch to book a consultation with me.

Happy planning!