What makes a flower girl?

...well, flowers of course!

Lots of my brides have decided to have little flower girls in the wedding party, but are often unsure on the most suitable floral designs for them to wear or carry. Well, I think the clue is in the name – they definitely need flowers in some form or another! However, the most suitable way to incorporate flowers into their outfits will depend very much on age and the ability to carry something nicely without using it as a weapon to attack the page boys!

If you are having adult or teenage bridesmaids and your flower girls are not too much younger (say in the 9 – 12 age bracket), you will probably find that they are happier carrying something very similar to the older bridesmaids. I usually make smaller (and cheaper) versions of the bridesmaid posies for girls who prefer to feel grown up. You can find lots of ideas for these in my previous blog about bridesmaid designs.

If you would like your flower girls to carry something different to the typical bridesmaid posies, I often suggest a little basket of flowers, which can be filled with the same flowers used in the posies. I usually make these as an open basket with a ribbon covered handle, although it is possible to buy little wicker baskets too if you prefer a more traditional look.

Blue & white flower baskets

These little baskets were made to match a blue & white spring wedding theme, where the bridesmaids wore royal blue dresses and the flower girls had white dresses with blue sashes – a really fresh and pretty look!

Baskets like these are great for younger girls as they are quite light and easy to hold and I make sure they are an appropriate size and weight depending on the age of the little girl. They also stand by themselves on a table once the flower girls have tired of carrying them.

White flower girl baskets

These pretty baskets were made to work with a white and gold colour scheme and they contain orchids as well as roses, lisianthus and freesias.

Flower basket and bridesmaid posy

Here you can see how a little basket can easily be made to match a bridesmaid posy, even with a more vibrant colour scheme like this one. As the baskets are not too difficult to make and only take a few flowers to fill they can be a reasonably economical solution too – always good to know!

Another really good design for a flower girl to carry is a flower ball or pomander.  These can be easier for a younger girl to carry than a posy or basket as they have a ribbon loop at the top making them easy to hold.

Flower ball for flower girl

These can also be made with flowers to match your other wedding party designs, but you will need to select reasonably robust flowers (e.g. spray carnations) and those with small heads (e.g. spray roses rather than larger bloom varieties) if you do not want the pomander to be too big.

Pink & white flower pomander

This pretty pomander includes garden spray carnations (pinks), spray roses and touches of gypsophila.

Pomanders are a really pretty idea for younger flower girls and are not too expensive to make provided reasonably economic flowers are used, such as the spray carnations, with perhaps just touches of other flowers to work with your theme. However, you do need to be sure that you have flower girls who will carry them nicely as they are great for swinging around when  little ones are getting bored!

If you like the idea of your flower girls wearing circles of flowers in their hair then this can look really sweet if you have the right sort of flowers in your mix. Dainty flowers are best for this and ones which will last well without water so that they do not go limp during the day – spray roses, spray carnations and gypsophila, as used in the circlet below, will work really well for this, but there are other materials too.

Flower girl circlet and flower wand

Circlets are not a cheap option as they take quite a lot of time to make as well as using a reasonable amount of materials, so be sure that your flower girls will be willing to wear them, at least while the photos are being taken. Another option is to add a few flowers to an Alice band, which can look really pretty too and will be easier for your flower girls to wear – much more economical too!

In the photo above you can also see a little flower wand made to match the circlet, which is another really good alternative for a younger flower girl. They are easier to hold than a typical posy and are lovely trimmed with ribbon and with a few pretty flowers at the top.

Heart-shaped wand for flower girl

If you have really tiny flower girls and can’t be sure that they will carry flower designs all day, a great idea is to have fairy wands decorated with a few flowers and ribbon to match your theme. These are very economical too, so you won’t be wasting your money if anyone decides not to carry them on the day! Most little girls look like little fairies when they are dressed in their party dresses, so the wands make a very appropriate addition.

Star wand for flower girl

Available as stars as well as hearts, wands look great when they are decorated and are easy for even the tiniest of flower girls to carry.

There are lots of other novelty designs that can be made for your flower girls too – so if you see something you like you can always ask. And if you are trying to think of ideas for other flower designs for your wedding, do pop across to my website and take a peek in my galleries – new images are being added all the time…

Happy planning