Country Garden Styling

Are you hoping to create a relaxed Country Garden look for your wedding? This style is great if you are a couple who would prefer an informal/ laid back feel for your celebrations and it’s not a difficult one to achieve if you get your planning right. Think about the sort of flowers that grow in English country gardens, gathered together in a natural ‘freshly picked’ style to create pretty posies and informal table centres.

And if you need a few ideas for how to bring this look to life do read on… or pop across to my website gallery for a few more ideas…

The Bride’s Bouquet

Blue and white hand tied bride's bouquet

Gorgeous garden flowers and foliage gathered together in a ‘freshly picked’ style form a perfect hand tied bouquet for a country garden wedding. It works well to include flowers of different forms and sizes to keep the look natural and give plenty of movement. Here you can see a late spring bouquet of peonies, antirrhinums, freesias, astilbes, vernonicas, lisianthus and daisies.

Natural style hand tied bridal bouquets

More bouquets in a natural style with plenty of what I refer to as ‘spriggy bits’! As you can see the choice of flowers and colours is down to you, but try to stick to flowers that would naturally be in season, which will help with your budget too! Irregular placement of flowers works best for this sort of style too.

Pastel country garden bouquets

But if you prefer bouquets that are a bit neater in style (without those spriggy bits!), you can still work it into a country garden theme if you pick the right sort of flowers. Both of these pretty bouquets incorporate plenty of roses, freesias and lisianthus, with touches of gypsophila to give them a light and dainty look.

Brightly coloured country style bouquets

Don’t feel that you have to be limited to pale pastel shades either, as all these fabulous bright bouquets were made for informal country garden weddings – it’s all about the choice of flowers and their placement, so that the finished designs do not look too formal and static.

Dusky pink shower bouquet

And if you would really love to have a shower bouquet, you can still make this work for a country garden style – just incorporate plenty of garden flowers, keep the flowers fairly loose and add trailing foliage – perfect!

Flowers for the Girls

Bridesmaid posy in blue and purple

The same rules apply when choosing the flowers for your bridesmaids to carry – pick a collection of pretty garden flowers in your chosen colours, with lots of texture and spriggy bits for a natural country look

Sunflower bridesmaid posies

And if you want to go bold and bright, just choose the flowers that you might naturally find blooming in the garden at the time of year of your wedding – try adding herbs too, such as rosemary and flowering mint.

Country style bridesmaid posies

A few more pretty posies to inspire you. Roses, daisies, gypsophila, veronica and lisianthus all work particularly well for this sort of style and amongst these flowers you should be able to find some in the right shades to work with your colour scheme.

Flowers for the Men

White rose buttonholes

If your groom likes classic rose buttonholes, these will look fabulous for a country garden wedding as roses are real favourites in the garden. However, think about adding some sprigs of gypsophila or other flowers from your mix to help them look less formal.

Spring buttonholes

Or perhaps your groom might like the idea of a little spray of flowers too, which has a more relaxed look than a single rose buttonhole. These can be picked to match the flowers chosen for your bouquet, provided they are ones that will last well through the day at the time of year.

Flower spray buttonholes

Flower spray buttonholes can be made in different styles and using different flowers to give you the look you love…

Setting the Style for your Ceremony and Reception

Wedding flower arch

What could be better than a floral archway to welcome your guests for the ceremony or reception and set the scene for your wedding? This one was made for a reception taking place in the bride’s garden, but would work  just as well for an outdoor ceremony. The trick is to use plenty of foliage for a natural look, and flowers to match the chosen colour scheme.

Decorated church arches

Decorated archways also work well to greet guests for a church ceremony, and they form a wonderful frame for the photos after the ceremony. Here you can see the arch at West Deeping Church decorated for two different weddings in very different styles and colours. You will need to make sure that there is a suitable structure to attach this sort of decoration to.

Traditional floral pedestal display

If you want any large floral displays to make a statement for your ceremony or reception then traditional pedestal stands can be made to work for a country garden wedding by selecting the right mix of flowers. This one included plenty of roses, chrysanthemums and touches of gypsophila with sprays of Michaelmas daisies to give the design sufficient height.

Country style urn displays

Alternatively, urn vases are good for this style of wedding too – and they are easier to move from the ceremony to the reception venue so that you can continue to enjoy the flowers through the rest of the day.

Flower displays on milk churns

Or for something with a more relaxed country feel, you could use a milk churn to place a floral display on top of!

Dusky pink flower arrangement for the registrar's table

Whether or not you are having any large flower displays for your wedding ceremony it is still a good idea for a civil ceremony to place a spray of flowers on the registrar’s table at the front of the ceremony room to set the style for your wedding.

Wedding ceremony flowers for the registrar's table

Flowers used for the registrar’s table can have a dual purpose if you use them as a display for your top table or gift table too!

Sunflowers for the church window

Other ideas for incorporating flowers into your wedding ceremony are to place jars of flowers in the window (or any other convenient surface!) – these could be the same flowers that you then use for your table centrepieces.

Aisle end decorations for a wedding ceremony

Or try decorating the aisle with pretty sprays of flowers tied to the end chairs or church pews, or jars of country flowers. If flowers are going to be your main decoration there are so many ways you could use them!

Flowers for the Tables

For country garden style weddings simple centrepieces seem to work best and I usually recommend choosing low designs for a natural look.

Country style table centres

It is difficult to beat simple glass jars and bottles filled with ‘freshly picked’ posies of country style flowers for a country garden wedding.

Glass jar country style table centres

And there are lots of different ways that your jars can be decorated and displayed to give your centrepieces an individual look…

Country garden style wedding centrepieces

But if this idea is not for you, here are a few more ways to decorate your guest tables for a country garden wedding….

And if you want to create a talking point for your top table, how about bringing the garden indoors by creating a long trailing display filled with fabulous flowers and foliage along the front or down the centre of your table…

Country style top table garland

Top table display with sunflowers

Country style top table flowers

Or create a stunning display of garden flowers in all the colours of the rainbow!

The Finishing Touches

If you’re keeping to low table centres to suit your country garden theme, you might want to consider other statement pieces to give height to your floral decorations, particularly if your wedding is taking place in a marquee setting. So think about large displays for your ceremony which can double up for the reception, such as pedestals and urn displays.

Or think really big and choose large scale pieces to hang from the top of the marquee itself!

Hanging designs for a marquee

Hanging designs for a marquee wedding

Is this the style for you?

Do let me know what you think of these ideas and if there are other designs you would like to see I will do my best to help. If you would like to talk to me about your own wedding flowers do feel free to get in touch (contact me via my website, email me at or call 0330 133 0143).

Happy wedding planning!

Helen x