Flowers for your bridesmaids?

Although it’s not essential for your bridesmaids to carry flowers at your wedding, it is a lovely way of using flowers to pull your theme and colour scheme together. The colour of your bridesmaids’ dresses will often be a key part of your colour scheme anyway, and you can choose flowers to complement or contrast with them depending on the effect you want to achieve. I usually suggest using some of the same flowers as in the bridal bouquet too so that your flower designs all look good together.

If your bridesmaids are carrying flowers it gives them something to do with their hands which looks quite natural, particularly when you are all being photographed (just think of a football team photo and you’ll know what I mean!), and it will be so lovely to see lots of gorgeous flowers in your wedding photos. And if they take care to put them in water they should be able to enjoy them for several days after the wedding.

So here are a few ideas for some very special flowers for your bridesmaids:

Blue & lavender spring bridesmaid flowers

Choosing your Bouquet

Where to start? There are just so many gorgeous flowers available in fabulous colours, and lots of different styles of bouquet to choose from too. Deciding on your bridal bouquet will be one of the most important decisions to make as far as your wedding flowers are concerned - don't forget that your bouquet will be on show throughout your wedding and will feature in the photos you will be admiring for years to come. So my best advice is.... follow your heart!

When brides visit me for a consultation they often already have a clear idea of the sort of bouquet they long for - with the availability of websites, wedding blogs, pinterest etc., it's not difficult to find photos of bridal bouquets and some will usually stand out as the favourites. The challenge is in putting across to your florist what is in your head, as it will usually be an amagalmation of different bouquets that you have seen, with your own twist on it of course! Brides may not know the right terminology to explain what they are looking for and many do not know the names of more than a few flowers, or when particular flowers will be available. I tend to show brides examples of different styles and colours to get a good idea of what they are looking for, before we start talking about individual flowers - although, if you have a favourite flower you are keen to feature it's always a good idea to let the florist know as this can be a good indicator of your preferred style.

Here are some ideas to start you off:

Classic white hand tied bouquets

Laura's gorgeous summer wedding!

With lots of summer wedding planning underway, my thoughts turned to Laura and James's gorgeous summer wedding from last year and I just couldn't resist sharing some photos of their special day with you. I just loved working on this wedding - the flowers Laura chose were so pretty and the designs had a really vintage/ country feel. Lots of pale pink and cream roses, feathery astilbe and dainty white gypsophila, with greyish-green foliage to set the flower colours off. Laura looked so beautiful in her ivory wedding gown and I just loved the lavender blue colour she chose for her bridesmaids dresses.

The venue was the fabulous Orton Hall Hotel in Peterborough and the room looked wonderful when it was all set up - crisp white table linen and chair covers with cream sashes and gorgeous candelabra centrepieces to create maximum impact!

Wedding reception at Orton Hall Peterborough

Evening Standard article

I was so excited to be featured in an article in the London Evening Standard yesterday, all about people changing career and the importance of vocational qualifications in this respect. Many of you will know that I moved from financial services to floristry at the grand age of 50 after starting a City & Guilds flloristry course on a part time basis. And 5 years later here I am!!

Fabulous blue anemones!

Just couldn't resist putting some photos from Nicola and Simon's gorgeous spring wedding in the *featured wedding* spot in my gallery - just to inspire those of you who might be planning your own spring occasion! It's great to be able to use seasonal flowers where you can and there are just so many lovely ones available at this time of year, which might be difficult to get hold of in the summer or autumn seasons. For Nicola's navy blue and white theme these beautiful deep blue anemomes were the perfect complement - and now, whenever Nicola sees anemones in the shops and garden she will be reminded of her wedding day!

Blue anemone and white gerbera posies

I'm a Regional Winner!

Congratulations! You are a Regional Winner!

…announced the email I received on Monday morning. ME? – The winning wedding florist for the whole of the East of England!!! You could have knocked me over with a feather.... 

Think Theme....

If you’re having trouble deciding on the sort of ‘look’ you would like for your wedding and your flowers in particular, it can be helpful to think about different themes – for example, do you like vintage styles, the country garden look or do bold contemporary styles suit you more? If you are having a theme for your whole day it will work well to reflect this in the style of flower designs that you choose too, so that all elements of your wedding work well together.

Earlier in the summer I described how you might think about colour [Think Colour] and about floristry styles [Think Style] as a starting point in planning your wedding flowers, and moving on to think about themes is the next step in this process.

However, don’t feel that you need to rigidly stick to the idea of a specific wedding theme – it’s just a helpful way to be inspired to create a look that is special to you and reflects your own personality. And it can also be a useful way to start the conversations with your wedding florist.

You will see that the [Galleries] on my website are organised into themes in order to make it easier for brides-to-be to see how these different looks work. But feel free to pick out the different elements that you like from across the themes and work with your florist to create your unique look.

Wedding flower themes

Think Style....

So you’ve had a good think about the colours you would like to include in your wedding flowers and whether these will compliment or contrast with other features, such as the bridesmaid dresses, venue decorations etc. (Not sure yet? Take a peek at ‘Think Colour’).

But where do you go from here….. It’s a good idea to look at lots of pictures of different flower designs to get a feel for the sort of style you prefer – wedding magazines are a good place to start and florists’ websites will also show you some fabulous designs. I share lots of pictures on my website too, so do take a look in my galleries. I find that brides generally have a strong preference for a particular floristry style and this will show most clearly in the sort of bouquets they like – which style appeals to you most?

Compact rose bouquet

Colour Pops!

So many fantastic things to see at Chelsea Flower Show last week – with a passion for flowers and gardens I just didn’t know where to look next!  But one particular stand really caught my eye, for its fabulous displays of spring blooms in eye-popping colour combinations.

Think Colour....

I talk to lots of brides and know that choosing wedding flowers can be a bit of a worry.  Many people don’t know much about flowers and the choice of varieties and colours can seem bewildering.  So don’t worry if the only flowers you can name are roses and gerberas, we florists are here to help!

Start by thinking about the colours you like and whether you want a definite colour scheme to run through your day.  Simple one or two colour schemes can look fantastic and help to give a co-ordinated feel – take a look at the examples below.  This kind of scheme can seem easier to put together too as it limits the choices you have to make, but do speak to a florist at an early stage in your planning as some colours can be difficult to obtain in suitable flowers and at different times of year.

All white flower designs