March Favourite: Anemone

As bulbs begin to burst into flower in March there are plenty of fresh spring colours to choose from, with bright yellow daffodils alongside the blues, mauve and pinks of intoxicatingly scented hyacinths and drifts of blue muscari.  But for vivid colour and the stunning simplicity of its blooms it is hard to beat the lovely Anemone.

February Favourite: Ranunculus

This pretty flower has to be my favourite!  It is available through the coldest months of winter, but always makes me feel that spring is just around the corner.  The white variety is a beautiful flower to use in wedding work, but the range of colours doesn’t end there and there are varieties to suit every taste, from soft pastels to strong, bright hues.

January Favourite: Gypsophila

There are not many flowers to be seen in the garden during January, so the flower that sums up this time of year for me is Gypsophila, with its frothy mass of tiny white flowers which look almost like frozen dewdrops or miniature snowflakes.  So, if you are set to marry in January, or are looking for some floral decorations to set the scene for a winter party, take a look at how Gypsophila can be used to create a very special ‘winter white’ theme.